Pure Cremation

Mosaic Films 2019 -2023

I began these popular broadcast ads with ‘Grandpa’, and I’ve kept the series evolving with new characters and new situations.


Mummu 2024

A broadcast ad showcasing the Alipay+ payment platform’s benefits to small businesses, made in partnership with BBC Storyworks.

Safety Conference

Box Animation Studio 2023

A mockumentary video examining the details of the 1977 Tenerife air crash, for use as the focal point of a corporate safety conference.

Magnus Group – Teamwork all the way

Mummu 2022

A 2 minute corporate animation aimed at both employees and clients, featuring a 30 foot talking lorry.

ExEm Women’s Health

Synima 2022

A brand/product video for health startup ExEm.

The Cash Cycle

Ticktockrobot 2022

An original animated brand video for My Credit Controllers.

Together In Safety

Box Animation Studio 2021

An animation for the Together in Safety maritime industry consortium.


Box Animation Studio 2022

An in-house explainer on the benefits of Hasbro’s employee learning platform.


WeAreAlive 2021

An online ad for Kuba ticketing’s South African market.


Ticktockrobot 2021

An animated online ad for online retail support startup Zapfilment.


WeAreAlive 2021

An online ad for Dubai based online mortgage platform Huspy.

Atik Cameras

Curveball Media 2020

A video for specialist scientific camera maker Atik’s website.

Tetra Pak

WeAreAlive 2021

An online ad for TetraPak, explaining the benefits of their 6 layer packaging system.

King Edward VII’s Hospital

Curveball Media 2020

An animation explaining the hospital’s Covid safety measures.