An A – Z of Religious Beliefs

BBC Learning 2016

From Atheism to Zoroastrianism, an irreverent but sensitive tour through topics of faith and philosophy, for KS3 students. 26 films, co-written with Chris Lindsay.

Killer Robots

Amnesty International 2021

This is not science fiction…

A video for Amnesty’s global campaign to stop the uptake of autonomous weapons systems.

Two children reading a book

Why Your First Memory is Probably Wrong

BBC Ideas and The Open University 2019

Reality isn’t quite what we think it is. One of three films exploring how the mechanisms of memory and perception frame our consciousness.

renewable energy

BBC Bitesize 2021

A series of videos for 9 – 11 year olds in Scotland, explaining the environmental impacts of various energy sources.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

BBC Teach 2022

A selected footage based script, for ITN Productions and BBC Teach School Radio, aimed at 9 – 11 year olds, looking at how the UK has changed during the reign of the country’s longest ever serving monarch.

Tiny Happy People

BBC 2019

26 short animations. Each one based around an amazing fact which aims to help parents boost the language skills of babies and toddlers. Shorter cuts of the films were also made to be played in GP’s waiting rooms across the country.


BBC Bitesize 2016

60 minutes of engaging animations for primary age, covering English, Maths, Biology and Physics.

Religious Studies

BBC Bitesize 2018

From Gender Equality to Lesser Jihad, a light-hearted revision of religious topics for WJEC GCSE students.

GCSE Biology

BBC Education 2016

Six films mixing live action and motion graphics, covering topics from diabetes to protein synthesis. Presented/co-written by Greg Foot.

The Myth of Multitasking

BBC 2019

A video for educational content creators, examining common misconceptions around how we learn. Based on the research of educational psychologist Dr David Didau.

Population Health

Mosaic Films 2019

A 3 minute film for independent healthcare thinktank The King’s Fund.

Tales From Around The World

BBC Education 2014

6 beautifully animated films retelling folk tales from Brazil, the Punjab, Nigeria, Israel and Pakistan, for Key Stage 1 students.

Career Gender Balance

Institute of Physics 2019

An animation for the Institute of Physics, which asks how gender stereotypes might affect career choices.

What’s Blood Got to do With It?

Channel 4 2005

Co-written with Andy Glynne. A history of blood and blood donors, narrated by Alexei Sayle.